Edge of the Empire: The Idiot's Array

Shim's Log: Entry 1

Episode 1: A Pound of Flesh

Commissioned by the crime lord Bogletti Thek to steal a transport ship (currently impounded) and deliver it to him. Our payment would be the ship itself, which seemed like a pretty good deal.

Located the ship in an Imperial impound lot on planet XXX.
dealt with lady Ithorian merchant of discount landspeeders (possibly rebel sympathizer) to purchase a landspeeder to use in heist.
Attempting to get to orbit was fraught with difficulty, as we tried to out-run pursuing TIEs (which was impossible, because TIEs are very fast). Ship sustained a lot of damage. ALSO the ship is cop-magnet red.
Successfully stole ship, only to find that it actually belonged to a hutt, who would probably be mad about the theft. No wonder Bogletti was willing to part with it in exchange for the cargo of valuable Glitterstim spice.

So we are up one (badly damaged, stolen) spaceship.



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