Edge of the Empire: The Idiot's Array

Shim's Log: Entry 2

Episode 2: Honest Pay for Honest Work

Shim was out during the events of this episode, but what was he up to while the rest of the crew was pulling the Ord Mantell job?

Trying unsuccessfully to kill the heat on his criminal warrant, which served to re-ignite the case and actually connect him to his terrorism charges, which results in Shim’s Obligation getting rolled in the next episode. Maybe he got mixed up with that Ithorian lady from the previous episode and implicated in some Rebel terrorism?

Yeah, sure. So he goes back to check on his contact with the Ithorian lady, she gets pinched for treason, Shim shows up as someone who was there recently, they do some digging, and he gets the APB put out.



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