Edge of the Empire: The Idiot's Array

Shim's Log: Entry 3

Episode 3: A Dangerous Hunt

After unsuccessfully trying to bury the criminal acts connected to his name, Shim reconnects with the crew of the Idiot’s Array on a new job. Bogletti Thek has tasked us with rescuing and locating his brother Dorna Thek.

In escaping from our initial encounter, Shim (with Six’s assistance) plots a baller new hyperspace route.

We come across some droid hate crime, which incenses Six. Trailing some thugs to a bar, Shim initiates a barfight on Veeno’s behalf, and the team trails a pack of Dobah’s thugs back to a warehouse. They fight, and we rescue an R4 unit with a map to Bandin Dobah’s hideout.

We discover that Dorna was onboard a smuggling ship which is breached in an asteroid field. Also in that asteroid field is the crime lord Bandin Dobah, who has beef with our crew.

Six is probably trying to assemble a droid army for the violent overthrow of his squishy organic oppressors. Probably want to keep an eye on that one. Maybe put a restraining bolt in my back pocket for later.

We manage to sneak past/destroy the orbital guards to Dobah’s asteroid hideout, land, and make the disastrous decision to engage in hand-to-hand boarding actions with him. It cost us an arm (Shim’s) and a leg (Rex’s), but we finally put Dobah in irons.

But now that he’s in irons, what are we gonna do with him?
We could take him to the Imperial Facility on Kessel for the 10,000 credit reward, but as a wanted criminal, I’m nervous about landing at an Imperial facility located on a prison planet in our stolen ship.
We could take him to the hutt, who is offering five large, but we stole a ship from her and she’s not very well disposed towards us. We might be able to buy down some of that hate with a generous gift of Dobah’s life, though.
Or we could try and ransom Dobah back to his own men, which seems like a recipe for disaster.

  • Address the problem wherein Shim and Rex are currently short on limbs.
  • Figure out who to deliver this crime lord to. And then do that. I suggest we trade him to the hutt.
  • We should probably look for Bogletti’s brother, too. I doubt that Mister Thek is a patient sentient. So go into that asteroid field and scope out that ship.
  • Also that Rodian lady wanted her R4 back, or at least the data that was stored on it. I think
  • Six is co-opting that R4 into joining his droid uprising, but we should probably able to transfer the data and get some cash that way.



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