Idiot's Array

The Idiot’s Array is a modified YT-1300 Light Freighter stolen from Yarella the Hutt by (what would become) the crew, in the service of Bogletti Thek.

A previous owner (presumably prior to its life as a smuggling vessel) painted the craft fireapple red, though the crew have taken to referring to the hue as “cop magnet red” for its regrettably attention-grabbing effect on Imperial enforcement patrols and customs officers.

What was no doubt at one time a cherry paint job has been marred by carbon scoring, impact dents, and various scratches and dings. The ship rarely walks away from a fight without taking any hits, but it always manages to walk away. Sometimes more of a crawl, but still. There might be faster ships, more reliable ones, better-equipped ones. But you’ve never in all the galaxy seen a starship with this much grit.

Modifications (6HP potential):
- Smuggling compartments (1HP)
- Dorsal and ventral-mounted medium laser turrets swapped for quad lasers (0HP)
- Basic medbay (1HP)
- Improved shield generators (2HP)
- Advanced Targeting Array (1HP)


Idiot's Array

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