Shim Caalat

Human Scout (Explorer)


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In his spare time, Shim enjoys watching Rodian soap operas.


Shim lived on a nice little colony on Klaproth until the Empire seized the territory for mining and shit. Next thing you know the place was full of Imps crapping the place up. Shim couldn’t stand for that. He started creeping into their camps when they were on patrol and sabotaging and stealing stuff. They came down hard on the colonists for this, so he decided to ditch the penny-ante work.

He crept into an armory one night and blew it up. This did not require a lot of demolitions finesse – throwing a grenade into a crate of grenades about did it. The Imperials were furious, and demanded to know the identity of this terrorist. None of Shim’s peeps ratted him out, so the Imps summarily put them all into punitive indentured servitude and shipped them off world. Shim hid and watched as this happened. He wanted to rescue them, but the moment never presented itself. Too many guards, not enough Shims.

So now Shim’s entire family is imprisoned or dead, and it’s all his fault. He tried being a hero and it blew up in his face – it put his family in danger, and he didn’t man up when they needed him. He failed, and now he’s living out his life as a failure out on the Rim.

Shim Caalat

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